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pushing my limit for your entertainment !

slow things down or speed them up; not enough or way too much !

16 October 1987
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i am amy.

i wish i had a cooler name.

i like to bring the rave most of the time.

i am 19 and obsessed with grey's anatomy.

in which matter, i feel it important to say george&izzie 4evz quite blatently.

listening to my ipod and reading a book is well amazing.

noel fielding is proper fit.

the notebook is my favourite film at the minute. it makes me cry.

i like to get drunk and dance like there is no tomorrow.

in otherwords, i look like a bit of a twat but i like it. :)))

i like wearing leggings.

i'm studying at manchester met uni.

it's a bit good tbh.

i like most music, but it must be said i'm a fueledbyramen whore. fob, p!atd, ciwwaf ftw.

abbreviations for the win. :]]

i am most likely to be wearing my black skinny jeans and mega lolz t shirt. it's a bit fit.

i am beyond excited for the new pirates of the caribbean film. johnny depp gives me pure eyegasms.

i think this is about it for now.

peace out.

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